ACS Multi-Bin & Warehouse Management For Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200)

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Saves warehouse space. Improves inventory quality, accuracy and efficiency. Reduce inventory shrinkage and obsolescence.

ACS Multi-Bin and WMS provides seamless Multi-Bin functionality and improves warehouse and inventory management. Eliminates lost inventory and efficiently sell and pick inventory systematically.

Reduce shrinkage and improve efficiency with Directed Picking and Direct Put Away recommendations. Multi-Bin automates and provides management for Primary Pick, Overflow, Staging and other warehouse locations.

ACS Multi-Bin is the standard Multi-Bin solution for Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200) and RF Barcoding. It is easy to implement and use and optimizes the flow of pickers for one or multiple orders with its wave pick sheets and directed picking features. Goods transferred in the warehouse are real time with approved RF scanning providers.

  • Built-in Advanced Features
  • Directed Picking and Put Away
  • Primary, Overflow, Staging Locations and Anywhere
  • Location Capacity Management
  • Sales Order Entry Pre Allocation Management
  • License Plating and Pallet Management
  • Vendor Lot Traceability
  • Expiration Date Control
  • ScanForce RF Scanning, Barcoding and Warehouse Automation
  • VB Scan manufacturing RF scanning

Primary, Overflow, Staging Locations and Anywhere

Automatically allocate from primary pick and staging locations

Stage goods for Receiving, Shipping, Manufacturing, Sales Order and Customers

Comprehensive audit trails (with user tracking) and reporting

Lock inventory from sales and/or manufacturing Automate areas: Primary, Overflow and Staging

Directed Picking and Put Away- Automatic Inventory Allocations

Segregates locations of allocated and available inventory

Allocates by FIFO, location, or expiration date

Wave Pick Sheet for any number of orders

Automatic primary pick location replenishments and transfers

Put Away evaluates location capacities and evaluates inventory stored in primary locations

The Manufacturing Difference

Directed Picking

Auto-allocate raw materials with flow through to transactions

Auto-create work orders from Sales Orders

RF Barcode, Material issues, Labor and Completions with Handhelds

RF Barcoding - ScanForce and Scanco RF Scanning, Barcoding and Warehouse Automation

Real-time inventory transfers between locations

Real-time lookup inventory on handhelds

ScanForce, VB Scan and Scanco seamless integration

Download ScanForce flyer here - ScanForce RF Scanning Multi-Bin Advanced Features

Traceability and Expiration Date Control

Sell and use by expiry date and shelf-life goods

Vendor lot compliance and tracking for vendor recalls

Track and identify where goods are by vendor lots

Sell by days left to expiry date

Location Capacity Management

Location capacity by volume and quantities

Management reporting evaluates capacity for locations

Quality Crystal Reporting and More

Customizable Multi-bin Crystal Reports

Stock status, valuation, replenishment, transfers, audit trail

On and off settings for warehouses and product line