ACS PM: Field Service

Field Service and Work Order Tracking for Property Management Companies

Managing multiple properties involves a big investment in time. Common area maintenance (CAM) work, repairs, preventative maintenance, asset management, and tenant improvements all involve labor, materials, and parts. Field Service for ACS Property Management makes it easy to accurately track and bill tenants and/or owners for these tasks.


  • Multi-company quick selection of leases, properties and units.
  • Track and bill service labor, materials and inventory items used to service properties and units.
  • • Capture costs and desired markup for all work. Limit billing to a specific amount and allow the system to automatically mark down charges to tenants and owners.
  • • Generate work orders to track and monitor status – include notes and descriptions.
  • • Designate routes and schedules.
  • • Invoice tenants and owners or simply track costs.

Work Order Types

Multiple work order types (Standard, Repetitive, Master Order and Quote) allow you to better manage all aspect of your service operations. Use Repetitive Orders to proactively schedule preventative maintenance. Use Master Orders as templates that can be used to copied and quickly create new work orders.

Lookups and Queries

View work order data across all companies from a single screen. Query the database by tenant, customer, lease, property or unit.

Preventative Maintenance

Ensure vital preventative tasks are handled in a timely fashion. You can designate the first service date and set schedule preferences such as desired days of the week and desired day of the month. Service dates scheduled by the system can be altered as needed to accommodate the inevitable changes and adjustments.

Analysis And Budget

Ensure your service operation remains on solid financial footing using the analysis and budget tools Field Service provides. You can analyze productivity and details of technicians, routes, work orders, tenants, properties and units. Track budgets and monitor actual to budgets as a project proceeds.

Work –In-Progress Management and Billing

Field Service for ACS PM provides a work-in-progress (WIP) management system that offers you full control over the billing of work. You decide which work (if any) is to be billed and how much to bill. Multi-company billing capability saves steps and improves productivity. Customize your Invoice templates to show previous balance information if desired as well as details of the work performed.