RF Barcode Handheld Scanning

Real time inventory transfers and interactive picking, storing, shipping, receiving and counting.

Multi-Bin's Barcode enhancement allows the use Radio Frequency (RF) handhelds to work interactively with Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200) in the warehouse. Warehouse personnel can Scan barcodes to locate where inventory is, receive goods, issue shipments, manufacture goods and complete physical inventory counts.



Our partners are the premier providers of RF barcoding equipment, software labeling for Sage 100 ERP:

 Scanco and WOScan provide:

  • Real time inventory transfers between bin locations
  • Handhelds shows where inventory is
  • Directed picking to direct where to pick goods for shipments
  • Directed put a away to show to where goods should be stored
  • Inventory physicals from bin locations for speed and accuracy
  • Pick and Pack so picked goods can be stored in a location before shipping
  • Works exclusively with ACS Multi-bin Expiration Date Control

Work Order Manufacturing RF Barcode Handheld Scanning

ACS Group proudly provides integration of VB Scan solutions for Sage 100 ERP Work Order module. It is provided to work with and without Multi-bin installed. Generate Labor and Material Issues real time with this integration and handhelds.

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